Le nozze di Figaro
Utah Opera (2009)

The wedding of the year is happening this week at Salt Lake City's Capitol Theatre, where Utah Opera is staging an exhilarating production of Mozart's "The Marriage of Figaro." … Philip Cutlip and Nicolle Foland, like McKinny and Guarrine, are well-matched as the opera's other main couple, Count and Countess Almaviva. Under David Gately's sometimes acerbic direction, Cutlip and Foland play the royal couple as a pair of caldrons simmering with resentment; she is only slightly more successful than he at keeping the lid on. This approach heightens dramatic tension and keeps the Countess from coming across as a victim…..Director Gately, a Utah Opera favorite, once again shows his strong flair for comedy. Despite the opera's breakneck pace, he makes all the twists and turns clear enough for a child to follow.

— The Salt Lake Tribune